Battery-operated, quartz dual chime movement will not operate.

Battery-operated, quartz dual chime movement will not operate.

Old and exhausted batteries is the primary cause for the movement to malfunction while keeping time, playing a melody, or swinging the pendulum (on some models). Ensure that you are using brand new alkaline batteries and they are installed following the + and - symbols. Do not mix old and new batteries or alkaline and non-alkaline batteries.

A poor electrical connection on one or more batteries can also cause performance issues. Ensure that the batteries are fully inserted.  Make certain that the + and - battery tabs are positioned completely on the circular metal contact area of the battery ‚Äì not on the outer battery casing.  As necessary, adjust the battery tabs to ensure they are making proper electrical contact with the circular metal contact area of the battery. 

Other issues and possible remedies:

  • Pendulum will not swing: To provide proper pendulum operation, it is necessary to ensure that the clock is level side-to-side and front-to-back. Also check that the pendulum is properly located on the pendulum hanger.  Make certain the speaker wires in the closed door position do not interfere with the pendulum‚Äôs swinging motion.  Replace with new batteries.
  • Clock is slow: Make certain the hands do not rub on the dial or glass. Make certain the hour and minute hands don‚Äôt cross or touch. Carefully adjust hands as necessary. Replace with new batteries.
  • Hour strike count does not match position of the hour hand: For example, the hands show 2:00 and the clock strikes 3 times at the top of the hour. With the minute hand at the 12:00 position, manually rotate the hour hand (not the minute hand) to the position to match the hour strike. In the example above, the hands show 2:00 and the clock strikes 3 times. We will manually move the hour hand to 3 and then use the hand set knob on the back of the movement to set the correct time.
  • Chime volume is off or lower during the day and louder at other times: The nighttime volume reduction or shut-off is not properly set. Reset the nighttime shut-off. Replace with new batteries.
  • Chime volume is always low: Make certain the speaker is not covered. Attempt to increase volume using the volume control knob. Replace with new batteries.
  • Chime is off ‚Äì will not chime: Ensure that the chime is not in the ‚ÄúOFF‚Äù position. Replace with new batteries.
  • The clock chimes several minutes before the hour when the hands are moved manually: This is normal. The clock will chime on the hour under normal operation.

NOTE: Gears in battery-operated movements can not be replaced or repaired, so if new batteries or the troubleshooting suggestions above do not fix the problem, the movement will need to be replaced.

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