How to turn off auto daylight savings time in a "DST" clock.

How to turn off auto daylight savings time in a "DST" clock.

If you have an older DST clock, it may have the "old" Daylight Savings Time dates programmed into it (April and October). In order for the clock to run without the times automatically changing, you can turn the DST function "OFF" and the clock will operate like any other standard quartz movement clock.

To turn the "DST" function off, please follow these steps.

  1. CLICK HERE for the operating instructions for DST clocks.
  2. Remove the battery and reinstall it.
  3. Once the battery is reinstalled, the "Set Up" screen will appear in the LCD display
  4. Follow each step in the set up/operationg instructions.
  5. In Step #4, of the instructions, it describes how to turn the "DST" option "On" or "OFF. You will need to select the "OF" or "Off" option at this time. This will turn the "DST" option off.
  6. Once this is done, complete steps #4 - #11. This is necessary in order to complete the programming change that turns the "DST" function off.
  7. The clock should now have the "DST" function turned "Off" and it will operate as any other non-DST quartz movement.
  8. You can now change the time manually using the time set knob on the back of the clock.
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