Howard Miller YouTube Channel

Howard Miller YouTube Channel

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    • Howard Miller Manuals and Warranties

      There are a variety of product manuals and instructions available online for your convenience. View and download Howard Miller product manuals, instructions, and warranties here.
    • What clock oil is recommended by Howard Miller?

      Howard Miller recommends using the same high quality synthetic clock oil 859 used by the original German movement manufacturer, Kieninger. Most clock oil kits available on the web contain less expensive oils (Nano oil and others). Contrary to claims ...
    • Does Howard Miller supply mounting hardware to attach a wall clock to the wall?

      No. Mounting hardware does not come standard with our wall clocks.
    • What if I want to clean and oil my own clock movement?

      Howard Miller does not recommend that you service the clock movement yourself. Contact an Authorized Howard Miller Service Center. However, if you feel inclined, there are a variety of internet sites that offer detailed instructions to perform your ...
    • Pendulum hangs crooked.

      Pendulums can get twisted in shipping or by handling. Howard Miller suggests wearing cotton gloves or using a soft non-abrasive cloth when handling the pendulum. To straighten the pendulum, first remove it from the clock. With one hand, hold the ...