What if my radio controlled clock does not operate?

What if my radio controlled clock does not operate?

If the clock was provided with a battery installed, ensure that the plastic cover is removed from the battery and that there’s no insulator strip between the battery and the contact. After following the details below and the clock still does not work, install a fresh new alkaline battery.Geographic features, weather disturbances, and structural characteristics can affect the strength of the radio signal. The clock will not operate properly until it receives a signal – it will look for a signal on a regular basis.If the movement in your clock is the type where you select the time zone by turning a knob on the back of the movement, it may stop if it does not receive a signal for an extended period of time. To start the clock, remove the battery and insert it backward (reverse polarity). Remove the battery again and reinstall it correctly. Then reference the detail below on locating your clock.Locating Your ClockFor best performance, you should NOT place your clock:

  • On a metal surface.
  • Within several feet of an electrical raceway, radio transmitter/receiver, personal computer, television, satellite dish, air conditioner, light dimmer switch, electrical motor, microwave oven or any other appliance that could interfere with the clock¬πs reception of the radio signal.
  • In enclosed areas and structures of concrete and steel such as a basement, office building or factory.

For best performance try to place the clock near a window, preferably a window that is facing Fort Collins, Colorado.

Best signal reception occurs between 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM - particularly during the weekend.

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